How It Works ?

Aclient builds their perfect team building bonding day based on 2-hour increments. First you choose the length of your event and then you pick the level of activities that you want your group to experience.
These experiences are based on level of physical intensity. 1=low level 2= Active 3=High intensity. Groups can be broken into different activities that happen concurrently as long as they meet minimum participation numbers.
Once the length of time and activity level is set, you proceed to choose the Add-ons your group would like to include to enhance their experience.


    Choose how many hours of play time and team building you want for your day.


    These activities are based on level of physical intensity. Mix and match your activities to build your day. 1=Low level, 2= Active, 3=High intensity.


    Choose swag bags, hydrations, foods, music, and memory makers (pictures /video).

Choose the length:

2-Hour Segments

1 segment (2 hours) = $120 per person
2 segments (4 hours) = $100 per segment per person = total $200 per person
3 segments (6 hours) = $100 per segment per person = total $300 per person (includes $10 voucher per person used for addons)

Pick Activity Segments:

high engagement team building

LEVEL 1: Low Level

Minimum of 10 participants/ Max 20 participants per activity

Activity options:

  • Low impact high engagement team building, team brain games and problem solving.
  • Make it from scratch demo’s (seasonal), we take you through the garden and learn the hidden secrets of green thumb. Watch one, make one, take one home.
  • Sip and Paint, the talent we never knew we had. Paint on the farm and create your own national treasure. A Sip only adds to creativity.
  • Mixology, new trends, skinny drinks, the science of fun. A Party is now an experiment on fun. Be the life of your next get together, learn the secrets of what to mix and match with your spirits.
  • Wine tasting be the life of the party. Knowledge is Devine, the size of the glass the blend of grapes it all changes the pallet.
leadership exercises

LEVEL 2: Active

Minimum of 10 Participants/ Max 50 Participants per activity

Activity options:

  • Frisbee Golf tournament lead by a leader in the TN market. Learn the sport and embrace the competitive side of your game. Find a new passion.
  • Leadership tower/ Leadership reaction course. 7 stations that must be navigated. Each station has a new leader and a new challenge. Imagine raging waters that you must cross or quick sand that will pull you in. your team must overcome these obstacles.
  • Putting/ chipping lessons and tournament. The short game is were the game is mastered learn from a golf pro and put your skills to the test. We add a twist of liquid endurance.
high intensity team building

LEVEL 3: High Intensity

Minimum of 10 participants/ Max 150 Participant per activity

Activity options:

  • Obstacle course Race*, three miles and 25 obstacles. A permanent obstacle course that will challenge your teams to their ultimate limit. They will be super heroes and experience the ultimate rush with the life long memories of team comradery.
  • Brawl Box Boot camp, who will be king of the hill. Broken into teams, each will be challenge with multiple events and ultimately one will be king of the hill. Each team will share in the challenge and pull each other through.
  • Scavenger hunt race. Broken into teams you will have to race through the 160-acre property, collect clues and complete challenges to find who can solve the puzzles and achieve the tasks. The ultimate test of brawl and brains combined.

*The Obstacle course race includes water stations on the course.